Openair-Plasma® (대기압 플라스마) 표면 전처리 : 초미세 세정 및 선택적 활성화를 위한 높은 효율성

대기압 플라스마 전처리는 플라스틱, 금속(예 : 알루미늄) 또는 유리와 같은 물질을 클리닝, 활성화 또는 코팅 시 가장 효율적인 표면 처리 기술 중 하나입니다.

  • Plasma cleaning

    During a surface pretreatment like Openair® plasma cleaning, undesirable substances, like dust, release agents, additives, softeners, and hydrocarbons, are gently and 100% reliably removed from surfaces.
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  • Surface activation

    Selective surface activation enables subsequent adhesion of printing inks, paints, adhesives, and coatings.
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  • PlasmaPlus®: Plasma coating with plasma activation makes it possible to functionalize surfaces

    The PlasmaPlus® process is already being used successfully in a number of different industrial applications for surface coating: barrier coatings for food and beverage packaging, adhesion-promoting base for optimal painting, mold release coatings for injection molding, corrosion protection coatings, etc.
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