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Our guiding principle and motivation is to develop and implement cutting-edge surface modification solutions together with our customers. We help to improve manufacturing process stability, eliminate costly and outdated manual surface preparation operations and increase product quality and reliability.

Plasmatreat Korea was established in 2017 and ever since, we provide our innovative, German plasma system technology to our Korean customers. They are active in various industries ranging from consumer electronics, semiconductor, medical device manufacturing as well as automotive and EV-batteries.

This not only brings us closer to our customers to envision and evaluate new and innovative applications in our own Plasma laboratory and solve time-critical process issues, but it also helps us to better understand the needs and wants of our customers and efficiently address these demands.

Innovation and a customer-centric philosophy are what defines us. We are constantly striving to do things better and to improve our customer’s experience.

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Our aspiration is to combine innovation with sustainability. We see virtually unlimited possibilities in the areas where our plasma technology is applied. Developing new solutions for efficient, environmentally benign and above all innovative processes in surface pretreatment is all part of our daily work at Plasmatreat.

- Yongil Jin, Plasmatreat Korea Ltd. General Manager

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