Before plasma treatment: surface energy measurement

Every material surface has a unique surface energy that plays a critical role in further processing. This, and the associated wettability of a surface, has a major impact on the adhesion of liquids to the surface, such as adhesives or printing inks.

Techniques such as contact angle measurement allow specific conclusions to be drawn about the wettability of material surfaces. Pretreatment of most surfaces before bonding with other materials is therefore often essential, as most plastics, for example, have a surface that is difficult to wet - the proportion of non-polar parts in the plastic is very high.

In many industries, the pretreatment of surfaces for subsequent processes such as bonding, printing, painting, sealing, or coating is critical to success. With our plasma pretreatment, surface energy, and stress analysis, companies can improve product quality, optimize manufacturing processes, as well as utilize and bond new materials.

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Services for Surface Determination

Test Inks

Our Plasmatreat Test Inks are suitable for all types of materials, such as plastic, glass or recycled materials, and are a simple method for determining surface energy. By examining the test results, a deeper understanding of the effects of surface energy on adhesion strength can be gained, which can help optimize processes related to surface treatments.


Test Inks

AntiCorr® Test Fluids

Our AntiCorr® Test Fluids offer a rapid and reliable indication of a coating's success against corrosion. It involves the application of copper sulfate as well as a highly acidic and corrosive liquid. After applying the fluids, visible results emerge within seconds and a conclusion can be drawn if the coating against corrosion was successful.


AntiCorr® Test Fluids

Contact Angle Measurement

The MSA - Mobile Surface Analyzer measures wettability by means of the surface free energy automatically and extremely fast. It is a powerful instrument for quality control of pretreated, coated, or cleaned surfaces.


Contact Angle Measurement

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Our Test Inks come in three different versions - ethanol, formamide and methanol -, different sizes and can be bought in sets.

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Single bottles as well as up to a set of five bottles of our AntiCorr® Test Fluids can be bought. The five fluids contain different compositions of the ingredients.