Plasma for Automobile Manufacturing

The automotive industry relies on robust, finely tuned processes. These are a basic precondition for achieving consistently high quality. At the same time, durable adhesive bonds and the use of advanced materials are major production parameters when manufacturing parts with complex shapes. Openair-Plasma® treatment meets the tough requirements of the automotive industry like no other pretreatment technology and is therefore firmly established in a variety of production processes at leading manufacturers.

In addition to the atmospheric in-line technology, Plasmatreat's low-pressure processes (Aurora) offer additional opportunities to meet the high quality requirements of the automotive industry.


Tightly Sealed, Cost-Saving Bonding

EPDM profiles

Reliable Coating and Flock Coating

Car Interior Parts

Plasma for Uniform Surface Activation Over Large Areas


Plasma Treatment for Drive and Storage Systems

Car Exterior Parts

Cleaning and Activation of Complex Multi-Materials


VOC-free bonding of glass

Powertrain / Engine Electronics

Durable and Corrosion-Resistant Sealing of Adhesive Bondlines

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