Pioneering Innovation, Collaboration, and Knowledge Exchange

In the dynamic landscape of cutting-edge technology and innovation, Plasmatreat emerges as a beacon of excellence, leading the way in driving growth and competitive advantage. Recently bestowed with the prestigious TOP 100 Innovator award, Plasmatreat solidifies its commitment to innovation as a catalyst for progress.


Innovating for Success: A Closer Look at Plasmatreat's Innovation Department

Plasmatreat's innovation department serves as the epicenter of groundbreaking ideas. The team collaboratively develops future products and explores the potential of Openair-Plasma®, showcasing the company's dedication to pushing the boundaries of conventional technologies.

A shining example is the ongoing project involving the replacement of coatings with ultra-hydrophobic nanothin layers, applied using plasma technology. This not only highlights Plasmatreat's commitment to innovation but also demonstrates its proactive approach to finding sustainable solutions.


Acquisition of New Innovative Projects: Plasmatreat's Collaborative Approach

Plasmatreat's strategy involves actively seeking partnerships and participating in public research projects. By bringing together interested partners, the company aims to contribute to cutting-edge solutions and push the boundaries of what is possible. This collaborative effort signifies a commitment to innovation that extends beyond the company's walls, creating a ripple effect of progress in the broader industry.


Plasmatreat Academy: A Hub for Knowledge Exchange

The Plasmatreat Academy is instrumental in fostering knowledge exchange between industry, research, and science. Established in 2019, this platform quickly adapted to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, launching the successful webinar series, PlasmaTalks.

PlasmaTalks, covering various topics related to plasma technology, has become a nexus for learning and collaboration. Renowned speakers, often accompanied by partners, engage audiences across international time zones, deepening collaboration and establishing additional connections within the network.


Shaping the Future through Collaboration and Education

Plasmatreat's commitment to innovation, showcased through its innovation department, collaborative projects, and the Plasmatreat Academy, positions the company as a trailblazer in the industry. Beyond driving growth and competitive advantage, Plasmatreat actively contributes to the broader research community, shaping the future of plasma technology.

In conclusion, Plasmatreat's journey unfolds as a story of innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning. The company's proactive approach not only strengthens its market position but also cements its role as a leader in the pursuit of cutting-edge solutions and knowledge exchange within the dynamic landscape of plasma technology.

A globally recognized leader in innovation


2007: iF Product Design Award and FTM Innovation Award

Plasmatreat's awards and honours began in 2007 with the iF Product Design Award for the Plasmatreater 400 laboratory system. In the same year, the company received the FTM Innovation Award in the Processing Technology category in the United States for its new and environmentally friendly plasma process in the coil coating industry.


2012: Industriepreis and GOOD DESIGN AWARD

In 2012 the company achieved two awards: the Industriepreis 2012 in the category Production Technology & Mechanical Engineering for its PlasmaPlus® technology, which applies a nanocoating on surfaces under atmospheric pressure conditions. The second one, was the GOOD DESIGN AWARD for the design of the new Aurora low pressure plasma system in the USA.



For the environmental friendliness, cost-effectiveness and sustainability of its Openair-Plasma® pre-treatment technology, Plasmatreat received the GREEN GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2014 in the category Green Research / Technology. In conclusion to other pretreatment methods, the plasma technology from Plasmatreat only needs compresses air and electricity.


2015: Würth Future Champion Award and Market Leader Lexicon

In 2015, Plasmatreat marked a significant milestone by winning the Würth Future Champion Award. This recognition showcased the company's forward-thinking approach and ability to navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology. The award not only reaffirmed Plasmatreat's commitment to innovation, but also set the stage for future achievements. Moreover, the company received the medal for inclusion in the Lexicon of German World Market Leaders.


2017: Plastics in OWL Plastics Innovation Award

In 2017, Plasmatreat continued its track record of success with the Kunststoffe in OWL Kunststoff-Innovationspreis. This award highlighted the company's capabilities in the field of plastics innovation. Plasmatreat's innovative contributions to the plastics industry were recognized, further cementing its reputation as a trailblazer in the field of advanced materials.


2023: Global SMT & Packaging Global Technology Award in Plasma Systems

The year 2023 saw Plasmatreat triumph on the world stage, winning the Global SMT & Packaging Global Technology Award in the Plasma Systems category. This prestigious award recognized Plasmatreat's outstanding contributions to the electronics industry, particularly in the advancement of plasma systems technology. The award underscores the company's role in pushing the boundaries of what is possible in this rapidly evolving technology.


2024: A New Triumph with the TOP 100 Innovator Award

As the journey unfolds, Plasmatreat has added another award to its collection in 2024—the TOP 100 Innovator Award. This recent accolade reaffirms Plasmatreat's standing as an industry leader, recognizing its ongoing dedication to driving growth and maintaining a competitive edge through innovative solutions. The TOP 100 Innovator Award represents a pinnacle achievement, cementing Plasmatreat's status as a visionary force in the world of technology.