Every surface a plasmatreat(ed) surface!

All of the matter that makes up our planet was formed from plasma generated during the Big Bang. Plasma is therefore capable of changing the surface condition of all kinds of materials. Harnessing this virtually unlimited potential is the vision that Plasmatreat holds.

Plasma surface treatments make processes more sustainable, more efficient and more cost-effective. We see ourselves as pioneers and ambassadors of cutting-edge plasma technology. By building a bridge between industry and research, our team creates genuine added value.

We think surfaces!

Surfaces and their functionalities – that is the focus of our thinking, knowledge, and commitment.

  • What happens to these surfaces when they come into contact with Plasma - when Plasma transfers its transforming energy to the surface?
  • How can plasma change surfaces chemically, mechanically or physically in order to revolutionize their areas of use?
  • What new materials can be used - thanks to new surfaces?
  • Which production processes, potentially including entirely new ones, will be made possible by such a change?

In seeking the answers, we are pushing the boundaries and understanding of physics and chemistry to find innovative, continuously enhanced solutions while facing the challenges of our era.

We enable plasma-based surface solutions in industries!

Together we develop tailored solutions for each product and create new standards for the products of the future.

The grown international Plasmatreat network pools extensive expertise about technology and processes.
Our entire team keeps a close eye on our customers, who are at home in a variety of industrial sectors.

With our customers as part of the team, we conduct an in-depth study of their processes, analyze production flows and the potential of successful Plasma use in the sector.

In doing so, we go the extra mile to find the best solution and achieve the best result for our customers.

We transform science into industry-ready applications!

We can transform the realm of science into industrial applications.

Due to the unique combination of our scientific understanding of plasma technology, chemistry, physics, and biology, as well as our extensive practical experience, we continuously find new pathways to transform the realm of science into industrial applications.

Every day, we work hand in hand with leading institutes and universities to explore fascinating topics of surface treatment. We verify the answers and translate them into solutions on an industrial production scale. Whether technician or engineer – innovation and technology is our passion and our enthusiasm!

In this way, the expertise we gain from our research is directly applied as a solution for our customers.

overview world

We are globally inspired and present!

With our own Plasmatreat subsidiaries in more than 15 countries, we understand our customers regardless of the language they speak.

We advise and supervise our customers locally, on site, while keeping our eye on the world. As a team, we work on innovative solutions and transfer our expertise across industries and countries.

In doing so, we constantly discover new potentials and we grow together. Our customers benefit from our worldwide, professional 24/7 service. Plasmatreat installations run safely and reliably around the world.

Our sales, service and production network cares deeply about our customers’ satisfaction.

We protect climate and nature!

Continuously striving for environmentally friendly products and processes, we stand for a clean environment.

  • After all, our plasma technology enables low-emission production processes, reducing significant CO2 emissions and avoiding countless tons of chemicals.
  • By simply using air and electricity, we create new surfaces and enable completely new (previously unthinkable) material compositions.
  • The industrial use of our Plasma solutions offers virtually unlimited possibilities for shaping innovative processes which, at the same time, are more sustainable.

Simultaneously, we also apply the highest standards to our own work. We create safe processes for people and the environment without hazardous chemicals, while protecting the earth‘s natural resources.